MOA Summer Farm Tour

On June 27, 2009, the Montana Organic Association toured the Baty Farm in Dixon and our ranch in Ronan.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mission Mountain Organic Eggs

Located in the heart of the Flathead River valley of Montana, our chickens freely range during the day, coming in to shelters to lay their eggs and roost at night. Unlike the "factory chicken farms", which keep hens enclosed in huge buildings with less than a square foot of floor space per bird for their entire lives and eating rations of chemically grown grain and antibiotics, our hens take a break from pasturing on their natural grass diet to happily scurry around in pursuit of that hopping grasshopper or that flying bug in view of the beautiful Mission Mountains, show in the picture. Their diet is supplemented with certified organically grown, Montana raised, soy-free, natural grains on a free-choice basis, leafy and green alfalfa hay in the winter, and they drink from non-chlorinated, fresh mountain water drawn from underground water sources filtered by nature, the same as our own family drinks. Our hens lead a contented, serence life with a natural and completely organic diet which, we think you'll notice, produces a healthier, better-tasting egg for you and your family. We comply with the strict organic standards set by the USDA and are annually inspected for compliance to be 100% "certified organic" in this family operation. Try our eggs; taste the difference that a healthy, happy hen produces over the crowded, artificially controlled "factory" layer, and know that you're eating what not only tastes better, but has the health benefits of being 100% organic and natural for your family.

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